Needle Safety

Every day, health care workers are exposed to dangerous and deadly bloodborne pathogens through contaminated needlesticks, sharps, or splash exposures. It is one of the greatest risks faced by the frontline health care worker. As a result, the need for […]

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Why use Reflex-Safe

Reflex-Safe safety needles offer the following benefits: Passive Safety Feature – The safety feature activates automatically, meaning health workers are protected against injuries that would otherwise occur during the procedure when using a regular needle or a safety needle that […]

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How does it work?

Reflex-Safe has a completely passive safety feature. The needle has a silicone sleeve attached to a hard tip. The silicone sleeve acts like a spring to “push” the hard tipped blocking chamber forward as the needle is being withdrawn from […]

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Instructions for Use

Watch the How-To-Use instructional video clip below the see just how easy-to-use and effective the Reflex-Safe safety needle is   

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Incredible Business Opportunity!

The Apprentice Corporation in association with RSO Steyn Medical Innovations and Intensive Hygiene has developed this amazing safety needle from concept up to a perfectly market ready product, and is now offering this multi-million/billion dollar business opportunity to a suitable international medical company / business entity

• Full patent rights for this product in various countries/international markets – including the USA, Euro-zone etc.

• International marketing rights for this amazing third generation passive safety needle

• A CE/FDA approved factory ready to receive orders ranging from 100K to 2.5 million needles per order (lead 2-3 months).

• The Reflex-Safe® Registered trade mark/brand (USA, Euro-zone etc.)

• CE-mark certification (with all the relevant regulatory processes in place)

• FDA in the pipeline

The Apprentice Doctor® Venipuncture Course and Kit uses the Reflex-Safe® Safety Needles and this kit can be used for training purposes regarding phlebotomy and the use of the Reflex-Safe® passive safety needles

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